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Webworld: Biology duck question was fowl -- it drove some folk quackers


Biology was lovely shtuff, finished within two hours. WOOHOO! -- Laura

Biology was beautiful! Complete contrast to yesterday! The late-night cramming definitely paid off -- Meadhbh

Art was okay. Newgrange question was worded really badly, and damn Leonardo didn't come up!! Hope I did okay, you never know though! -- Cormac

I didn't know you could sterilise soil, I think those scientists were smoking the plants, not experimenting on them. -- Sinead

I'm actually gonna miss the Junior Cert. -- Emma

What's the first thing I do when I finish my Leaving Cert? Watch daytime TV and eat ice-cream! -- Julie

Absolutely wrecked! Even though I still have chemistry and economics in five days, I'm so happy to be able to sleep properly again! -- Sarah

Biology was a beautiful one to finish with. Carlsberg don't do papers... but if they did -- Sorcha

Mam told me not to dump any of my books or notes in case I need to repeat next year. Thanks for keeping the faith, mam! -- Sarah

Biology was a disaster I think I may have just ruined all my college options. -- Ciara


Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to put DUCKS on the biology paper? Was it made by a five-year-old? Bless. -- PreJudas

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