Saturday 18 November 2017

Video: New York teacher investigated ... for spitting at unruly student Reporters

A MATHS teacher in Queens, New York was secretly filmed on a mobile struggling with a male student before appearing to spit in the boy's face.

The teacher David Pecoraro has been removed from classwork and is now working in 'administration', after the footage appeared on YouTube.

The incident is being investigated by the school authorities at Beach Channel High School.

At one point, the student - whose identity hasn’t been revealed - appears to try to hit the teacher.

The teacher, who has 19 years experience, can be heard shouting: ‘'You can't make contact with me, that's illegal.'’

Pecoraro then says: 'You're going to go to jail, you don't touch me... I want to teach you math.'’

It was then that the alleged spitting exchange took place.

The teacher later told the New York Post: ‘‘The kid put gum he had tried to put on my rear end that was already chewed and that was on his desk in my mouth - and I spit it out. Then he spit in my face.'’

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