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Valerie - from beauty to the web

Valerie Andrews's background was in beauty therapy and cosmetics. However in 2010 finding herself unemployed she wanted to go back to college to update her skills and give her new opportunities to re-enter the workplace.

Valerie enrolled on a course in web technologies at National College of Ireland.

She would encourage people to utilise government suppoirt such as Springboard to return to education.

“There is often a fear in going back to college but you meet great people and it is a very rewarding experience.

"When you are considering going back to study the cost of fees is a huge consideration and so any government schemes that can help with this are a huge opportunity.

"I would encourage anyone to look at the courses available. I see it as a huge benefit for your career and your confidence.

"With my background in beauty I suppose it is natural that I am very interested in the creative aspect of the web for example whole area of web design and multimedia.

"New technology is clearly here to stay but now I feel I can embrace that and not fear it.”