Thursday 26 April 2018

Three days until freedom, but who's counting?

THREE most definitely is a magic number. Three wishes, three musketeers, three days until pure, unadulterated freedom. I can hang in for three more days. Just about.

However, my focus and sheer will to keep going are starting to falter.

The tedium of these last few drawn-out days is in no way helped by seeing other people finishing their exams.

I have to keep reminding myself not to get swept along in the almost irresistible tide of elation and exhilarating atmosphere permeating the school -- this is what I get for choosing music.

While the majority of Leaving Certs will be indulging in guilt-free relaxation, my fellow musicians and I will be subjecting our ears once more to the strident strains of Gerald Barry. That decision really turned out to be a slap in the face.

Yesterday, once again proved unequivocally that full days with no exams are not to be embraced.

Rather than encourage me, my day of revision was a reminder of the staggeringly vast amount of chemistry eagerly waiting to pounce today.

Hopefully three will again flourish its magic wand and produce three particularly pleasant experiments.

If all else fails, I'll employ my secret weapon and assail the examiner with chemistry jokes to extract some extra marks.

They're a surprisingly potent weapon when used effectively and not to be underestimated.

What do you call a tooth in a glass? A one-molar solution. A1 come at me...

Physics and accounting were up yesterday, a tough combination for those brave enough.

The sheer size of the accounting book would be sufficient in deterring me!

But nothing shockingly horrific emerged from either exam and another day in the trenches passed smoothly by.

Yesterday, while coping with a vicious onslaught of the dreaded hay-fever, I realised that after today I will never again be completely confounded by equilibrium and oxidation numbers.

As long as for just three hours today, I can muster some form of rational comprehension and endure relentlessly streaming eyes and explosive sneezing, I can cope.

If not, well...did you hear about the neutron who walked into the bar and asked how much for a drink?

For him, it was no charge.

India McGirr is a pupil at Gorey Community School, Co Wexford

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