Sunday 18 March 2018

Things took turn for better after a lunch of chocolate

SITTING my Leaving Cert has made me realise that lurking beneath the officially endorsed function of testing our knowledge and memory are a number of far less conspicuous objectives.

Our relationships with family members are pushed to the limit by a mutual feeling of misunderstanding and intolerance.

We are forced to expend every ounce of self-control to resist the inexplicably never-ending supply of chocolate that whispers sweet promises of comfort. We are thrust on to a rollercoaster ride of emotion for which no amount of inspirational transition-year workshops could have prepared us.

Certainly, yesterday exposed this reality to me. I'm not sure what the prevalent emotion is. Sheer joy that I never again have to suffer the rigours of maths? Outrage at the excuse for a paper that was presented? Or relief that I don't seem to be the only one who felt like a dictionary would have been of more use than a calculator?

For all the failures encompassed by Maths Paper 2, it was successful in accomplishing at least one thing: it compounded my blinding hatred for Project Maths. Now I can lock it away in the corners of my mind where it won't disturb my considerably more pleasant thoughts. Clearly, the Leaving Cert has also brought out the optimist in me. Things took a turn for a better after a consolation lunch involving copious amounts of chocolate.

Nothing dramatic to report regarding Irish Paper 1. The expected appearance of the bizarrely exaggerated Donegal Irish no longer reduced me to a nervous wreck. Aside from having to draw on diospoireacht skills rather than the aiste, my confidence was somewhat restored. It's a day I'm glad to have conquered and I can't quite believe that I only have to survive five more exams.

Granted, one of those is chemistry -- but the Leaving Cert is whizzing past and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

India McGirr is a pupil at Gorey Community School, Co Wexford.

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