Sunday 25 February 2018

'There should be more practical stuff taught in schools'

Classroom Confidential: TV presenter Anna Daly

Ireland AM's Anna Daly. Photo: Frank Mc Grath.
Ireland AM's Anna Daly. Photo: Frank Mc Grath.

John Costello

TV3's hostess with the mostest Anna Daly has fond memories of school, but more to do with her friends than any academic achievements. The TV star tells how she used to cram for exams, loved MC Hammer and why she was a bit of an all-round giddy goat during her school years.

So, when you think of school what word springs to mind?

Friends. I went to St Mac Dara's in Templeogue and my school friends are still my best friends.

What about the academic side of things?

I think I could have done much more academically [laughs]. But I tended to take the easy option.

And what study technique did you employ to maximise your minimum effort?

I used to cram at the last minute and always ended up getting decent results my parents were delighted with.

How would you describe yourself back then?

I was always up for a laugh, but I was never the class clown. Thankfully, I knew we were there to get the business done, so I struck a balance.

Did you have any fears or worries when you were at school?

No, not really because I was always living in the moment. And I am glad, because when you get older you realise that there is so much more to be worried about. But I managed to do well in school despite being a giddy goat.

Now it's time to get embarrassing! What was your musical taste like?

Well, my first album was True Blue by Madonna, which I can kind of stand over. But my first concert was MC Hammer. Now that is just mortifying [laughs]!

Apart from your musical taste, what would you change from your school years?

While the academic side of things is important, I think there should be more practical stuff taught in schools. Things like driving theory, job applications and how to create your CV.

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