Monday 22 April 2019

Taxpayer funds brunt of €150,000 med school cost

THE cost of educating a doctor over six years in college was revealed last night as a massive €150,000 -- with the taxpayer picking up most of the tab.

At present the student pays just a tiny proportion of the real cost through the registration charge of €1,500 a year.

The remainder comes out of state grants to the colleges.

Even if the registration charge increases to €2,500, it will still represent a small proportion of the real cost of third-level education, new figures from the Higher Education Authority show.

There are 134,000 full-time undergraduate students in Irish higher education institutions and the average cost is €10,000 to €10,500 a year per student.

The cheapest is arts at €8,000 and the dearest is medicine at €25,000 a year.

Engineering and nursing students cost an average of €14,000 a year to educate. Students of maths and computing come in slightly cheaper, costing €11,000 annually to attend their courses.

Irish Independent

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