Sunday 18 March 2018

Surviving an ordeal, a week to study music and humming through Irish . . .


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I never have to speak Irish ever again YAAAAAAY -- Sarah

Love how I spent Irish Paper 2 humming George Michael to myself instead of actually doing work -- Jennifer

Only two exams left. My mind is blown. How on earth have I survived this ordeal? -- Ellen

Irish Paper 2 was easy, total of 17 pages wrote, so proud of myself! Nearly there now, three exams then a week off to study music -- James

Business was alright, if I had done more study it would have been amazing! -- Tony

Now I don't regret only doing Business Studies in one year. Used the whole book and had to ask for more -- Laura

Business was good, and the Junior Cert isn't half as bad as I thought it would be! Hopefully this keeps up -- Sinead

Ah sure it's just the Junior Cert -- Niamh

Irish Paper 2 was grand, hopefully I pass now! But the most important thing is that I NEVER HAVE TO SPEAK IRISH AGAIN -- Soccymonster

Beautiful beautiful Sean O'Riordan, thank you for appearing on Irish Paper 2!! -- Oenone

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