Thursday 22 March 2018

Students give Higher and Ordinary Level French papers thumbs up

Brian O’Reilly

BOTH the Higher and Ordinary level French papers were given a broadly positive reaction by students in Dublin City Centre this afternoon.

Sinead Linehan (19) from Skerries said of the higher paper: "I thought it was fine, the written paper questions were really general, which left you open to write anything you wanted really. I didn't think there was anything too difficult on it. I found the first half of the listening to be easy, but it got quite difficult towards the end".

Luke Hennessy (18) from Booterstown agreed.

"I thought it was a really nice paper. The first comprehension was very easy and the second one was nice too. The reaction pieces were good as well they were very topical on stuff like music festivals and concerts, although there was a weird question on why young people are happy, which I'd find difficult to answer in English let alone French. I thought the listening was really nice, very straight forward," he said.

Ciara Buckley (18) from Clondalkin added: "It was a really good paper, there was a lot of topical stuff on it like sport and the influence of politics and stuff, which were very general questions which was very handy. I found the listening to be a bit more difficult but the paper itself was grand".

Meanwhile, the ordinary level paper also met with a generally positive response.

Patrick Binchy (18) from Greystones said: "It was grand, the comprehension was very easy although I found the letters to be a bit hard. The listening was ok as well although I messed up on a question when the answer was a man jumped off a building I put down he jumped off the grand canyon".

Declan Moore (18) from Kildare also felt the paper was fair. "It was a grand paper I had no problems with it. The fill in the blanks question was the easiest but I did find some of the comprehensions were difficult. The listening was very good" he said.

David Grogan (18) from Dromcondra agreed: "It wasn't too bad at all of a paper, I thought the letters were a bit hard and I found the diary entries to be the easiest. The listening was pretty easy although the last section was a bit hard, I think I messed up a bit in it."

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