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Students find higher level Irish paper ‘fair’

LEAVING Cert students this afternoon sat the contingency Irish paper after a distribution error compromised the original version of the exam.

Higher level students in the Loretto school in Rathfarnham generally thought the paper was fair.

Ruth O'Beirne (18) said: "It was grand, I was lucky because I had it all prepared. The exact essay I had wanted came up, I was very lucky. I found the tape quite difficult but I find it difficult anyway, I just listen out for the key words."

Aoife Gillard (18) was also pleased. "It was good, the choices on the essays were pretty good, the titles were really broad. I didn't really know how much to write because it's the first year of the new syllabus. I thought the listening was pretty hard too", she said.

Ailbhe Kelly (18) said: "I thought it wasn't too difficult, it was quite manageable. The listening was a lot harder than the mocks and the Donegal dialect on some of it threw me a little." Sadhbh Hegarty (18) agreed saying "I thought the written paper was grand but the listening was a bit hard, there was a bit much to write in a short time. We only got to hear it twice this year because of the new syllabus when normally they'd play it three times".

Anna Ryan also agreed the written paper was fair. "It was ok, I'm quite happy. The essay titles were very specific but it wasn't too difficult, and I thought the listening was ok" she said.

Meanwhile in Greenhills school in Drogheda, the Ordinary level paper was also perceived to be quite fair. Kayleigh Myers (18) said: "There was good choice on the paper with enough manageable questions to get by. The tape questions were easy to understand but I found it quite difficult to pick out the answers from the tape. I'm hoping to get a good grade in it and be able to count it towards my points in the CAO".

Brona Howard also found the paper to be fair. "The titles for the essays were quite general so there was a lot of choice. The letter question was great as it was one that I'd practised recently in a sample paper so I was really happy with that. The listening was difficult especially the second section, the Donegal dialect always throws me a bit." she said.

Students will sit the second Irish paper tomorrow morning.