Wednesday 13 December 2017

Student chat: what they're saying online

Niamh McCarthy

"SPANISH was a lovely paper. I'm finally finished the Leaving Cert!" -- Emma

"I am not happy with this year's Leaving Cert chemistry. Awkward phrasing." -- ohio

"This is the first Spanish exam I've ever done as Spanish is my first language, so I don't know what the usual standard is like, but I found it very easy. I was surprised to see Haiti come up though, and also the fact that they said the European Union had 17 countries!"-- Anothernight

"The higher-level chemistry paper seemed easy enough to me. I even attempted an extra question!" -- Jay


"Chemistry was okay-ish. I was able to do a good bit. Question 5, which is usually lovely, was awful. Question 10 compensated though." -- EvilLama

"I thought the chemistry exam was good, but very awkwardly phrased. I found the hardest part was working out what they were asking half the time! Question 5 was horrible, nearly had a heart attack when electronegative wasn't on it, thankfully it came up later though!" -- lawliet

"Chemistry is the only exam I reckon I failed." -- Foxpoint

"I think I passed chemistry. Seriously!" -- ummtea

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