Monday 23 October 2017

Student chat: what they're saying online

"Lying on the couch, footie's just starting. So good to be finished my Leaving Cert." -- Katie_Mc_Donald

"German paper was just alright. Aural was the easiest I've ever done!" -- eoinoneill91

"Having days off during the Leaving Cert is NOT a good thing. I've lost all motivation to work, and have two exams on Monday!" -- chrisrooke

(German HL) "That aural was B-E-A-utiful! The letter was awkward but I've never seen easier comps." -- ummtea

"I feel giddy after that aural, by miles the easiest LC aural in years. Written was handy, too. Second comprehension in particular I thought was very straightforward and the letter topics were fine. Marking scheme will be a b*tch. . ." -- barnhallbull

"I've spent the year in an absolute PANIC regarding German aural. Didn't realise how futile this panic was until 12.50 today. Extremely happy with it. Written paper -- meh, nothing fantastic, but pretty manageable, should balance out to give me a mediocre grade." -- shortsighted

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