Friday 23 February 2018

Staying in school makes you smarter -- not happier

Alison Kershaw in Manchester

Staying in education longer may make a person smarter, but it may not make them happier, new research suggests.

A study has found that teenagers made to stay in education until they were 15, after the leaving age rose in the 1940s, had a better memory later in life.

But the extra year's schooling made little difference to their quality of life.

Academics based in Manchester and Munich compared the mental abilities of those who turned 14 before the school leaving age was raised to 15 in 1947, with those who were 14 just after the change and stayed in school for an extra year.

The findings, published in this month's 'Economic Journal', show a link between staying in school longer and having a better memory in old age.

But it found no "statistically significant" effect on wellbeing or quality of life.

Irish Independent

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