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Spanish: Leaving Cert aural the only irritation

THE exams aren't quite over, but Leaving and Junior Certificate candidates had a pretty enjoyable Spanish morning yesterday.

However, a piercing tone in a voice in the Leaving Cert listening comprehension tape was an off-note which irritated all students.

Maire Ni Chiarba of the ASTI and Colaiste an Phiarsaigh, Glanmire, Cork, said students came out of the written paper saying it was fine, but then had some problems with the aural due to the tone of one of the voices.

Facebook turned up as a familiar topic at both papers, and Ms Ni Chiarba said other questions at higher level on matters such as the Inca Trail, school safety regulations and fiestas, were "fine".

However, she said the question asking students to give suggestions to the Spanish government about how to promote Spain as a sports destination was "difficult enough".

Ordinary level candidates had a "suitable" range of topics.

A spokesperson at Dublin's Institute of Education said the higher level paper was "fair with no great variation on previous years' papers".

Meanwhile, the ordinary level paper was well received by students, according to the institute spokesperson.

There were no complaints about the aural from Junior Cert candidates, said Ms Ni Chiarba.

"It was very good, everything was very clear," she said.

Higher level candidate were treated to topics such as cheap flights and the musical 'Mama Mia'. The ordinary level paper could hardly have been better for students, who, according to Ms Ni Chiarba were "delighted coming out; very happy".

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