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Siobhan: 'The pay gap is very unfair'

Siobhan Bates and Padraig McCahey feel fortunate to have found jobs in teaching, but they are disheartened by the cuts to the pay of new entrants to the profession.

If they had become teachers at the start of the recession four years ago, they would have been on salaries of almost €41,000.

With various cutbacks to the pay and allowances of new entrants, the gross income of new teachers has been slashed to just over €32,000.

"It is very unfair that young teachers who might be doing exactly the same job as their older counterparts are paid so much less," said Siobhan (23).

Padraig (22), said: "It has definitely devalued what we do."

Both teachers believe the huge pay difference will affect morale in the future, but they don't believe it will affect how they teach in the short term.

Siobhan added: "We are both passionate about teaching. The pay gap is an issue, but we will still volunteer for activities in the school, because we are totally committed to the children."

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