Sunday 19 November 2017

School pranks are not just for the poshos

The Leaving Certificate, three words that strike trepidation and fear into tens of thousands of students every year. However, while many bite their nails into non-existence in stressful anticipation, others find spare time to engage in more 'colourful' activities.

Several stories emerged in the past week of sixth-year students being suspended or expelled for high-jinks, weeks before the examinations that could determine whether their adult life is one of never watching the Jeremy Kyle Show or one of always watching the Jeremy Kyle Show.

The most noteworthy case was that of the young men from St Mary's College Rathmines. 'Kidnapping' a friend of theirs, they left him chained in the grounds of a nearby girls' school, naked with only a spattering of shaving foam to cover up his manhood. In another case, students from the High School Rathgar found themselves in it after an impromptu dance party in a locked classroom.

Both incidents happened to occur in private South Dublin schools, causing a slew of comments from Ireland's growing blogosphere. Much of the dross opined the 'poshos' lacked respect. Of course, such sentiment seemed to subside as news emerged that four wigged students from a CBS in Tipperary were expelled for streaking. Boys will be boys, after all, regardless of poshness.

Christopher Jackson

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