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Savvy college applicants get the message that future careers are in smart economy



IF ever there was an incentive to consider a science or computing course, the raft of recent job announcements from the IDA is it.

Amid all the economic doom and gloom, the steady flow of big name multinationals opening and expanding in Ireland is one of the few areas for optimism in a difficult jobs market -- with emerging Irish companies also doing their bit.

The international firms cover a broad spectrum from pharmaceuticals to technology to the newest kid on the block, gaming, but all share a common need for graduates with science or computing skills.

These are the so-called 'smart economy' jobs, where staff are recruited for what they can offer from the neck up -- a generation or two on from the era when manual skills were king.

The problem is a lack of workers with the right skills, which has led to recruitment from outside the State to fill the gaps.

Many recent graduates, who made their career choices at the time of the business, banking and construction boom, have come out of college only to find the gold rush is over. Many floundered and were forced to emigrate.

But today's Leaving Certificate students, informed by the recession, are putting their trust in the messages they hear about where the jobs will be.

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