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Pupils lighten up on their first day at school

SCHOOLCHILDREN in Dublin had a weight lifted off their shoulders yesterday as their traditional school satchel was replaced with a high-tech 'digital schoolbag'.

Around 218 first-year students at Malahide Community School each received a schoolbag complete with an iPad containing digital editions of text books. The package costs parents more than buying printed textbooks, but Beryl Furlong from Typetec, the company behind the venture, argues cost-saving solutions are available.

"Some publishers issue an ebook licence for a year, for example, for students who only take French in first year. Some schools have worked very well with their local credit unions so that the cost to parents is only €5 a week over three years," she said.

IT provider Typetec has created a new brand called 'Wriggle', which aims to make printed textbooks and heavy schoolbags a thing of the past.

The new venture will create 25 jobs at the Dublin-based firm over the next 12 to 18 months.

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