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Parts of Higher Level French comprehension tricky

A GOOD paper, that allowed students to express themselves was how one teacher described today’s Leaving Certificate French Higher Level.

Corinne Govenda of the Institute of Education also gave the aural element of the exam the thumbs up. “There was no crisis”, she said.

Ms Govenda said the reading comprehension the text about a commuter’s life, did not include any particularly challenging vocabulary.

However, she said for students to truly answer Questions 4 to 6 they really needed to understand the nuances of the text.

In the second comprehension, students struggled with the verb; “rejoindre”, out of its usual context, but “otherwise, the text was again something that students could get to grips with”, she said.

In the productive writing section, Ms Govenda said there was an interesting departure by the examiner; which may not have been popular with weaker students.

“Unusually students were not given a prescribed set of English instructions, but this question was more of an opinion piece about the Irish language in schools”

She had no quibblers with either of the essay options on the compulsory question, which were “very broad and asked candidates to compose answers using personal experience”.

Meanwhile, she said the topics on the optional questions again were relevant, interesting and appropriate.

Ms Govenda described the ordinary level paper was “clear and unambiguous” with a very clear comprehension section..

The theme for both Sections A and B was ‘work’, which would require some specific vocabulary, but this is a theme that is consistently covered by teachers, she said.

“Otherwise, a very appropriate paper, with no surprises” said Ms Govenda.

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