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Mixed start for Junior Cert students

HIGHER level students had a mixed start to the exams, with a fairly challenging morning paper and a "more measured paper" in the afternoon, according to one teacher.

While their first taste of state exams featured texts which were a "bit wordy" and "intense", the second paper should have seen them "back on familiar territory", according to Alan Thompson of the TUI and Abbey Vocational School, Donegal Town.

Earlier, in Paper 1, a question inviting students to imagine themselves in the role of a journalist may have proved challenging for some, according to Christina Henehan of the ASTI and Rice College, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

"Work experience doesn't usually start until transition year and while that would have been a doddle for Leaving Certs, these are 15-year-olds," she said. However, Ms Henehan praised the topical content of the paper.

At ordinary level, an essay on "the toughest challenge of my life" may have provided food for thought on a paper which was "very accessible and doable", teachers said.

Mr Thompson thought the reading section was "perhaps a little bit wordy", with slightly difficult language for weaker candidates. However, the questions were within the usual range and should not have proved too challenging.

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