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Making it a night worth remembering

Moderation seems to be the last thing on young people's minds when planning their Leaving Cert results party, according to comments posted on social networking sites.

With over 55,000 leaving cert students getting their results there will be a lot of young people on the town tonight.

As Jim McCabe, spokesperson for the National Off Licence Association, noted: "The culture of Ireland is to associate alcohol with celebration. Around this time people want more access to alcohol."

Fionnuala Sheehan, drinkaware.ie chief executive, agrees that students have had a stressful wait for their results.

But she cautioned those whose celebrations involve some alcohol to remember to drink responsibly on their night out.

"A hangover or worse is no way to begin this exciting new chapter in your life," she added."

Drinkaware.ie has some hints and tips to ensure that the celebrations don't end up chaotic.

- FILL UP Eat well before you go out and snack regularly throughout the night.

- ID You should carry an officially recognised form of ID -- as not all Leaving Cert students are over 18, it is likely that you will get stopped and asked for proof of age.

- HOME TIME Arrange before you go out how you are going to get home -- whether by taxi, public transport or designated driver.

Be nice to your designated driver, they have saved you from the taxi queue so treat them to some non-alcoholic drinks!

- WATER Keep yourself refreshed and hydrated by having a soft drink or some water every other drink. This will also help you to moderate your drinking.

- ROUNDS Try to avoid getting involved in 'rounds'.

If you do find yourself in a round, it's OK to skip a drink or ask for a water/soft drink if others are drinking faster than you.

- RESPECT Drinking is not everyone's idea of a good time. If your mates don't want to drink, that's their decision, respect it and move on.

- WATCH YOUR DRINK Spiking isn't an urban myth so keep a close eye on your drink and never accept a drink from a stranger.

- PROBLEM? Avoid drunken arguments; they're usually over something really stupid. Just walk away.

- MATES Keep a look out for your mates and make sure they look out for you. Keep your mobile on and never let a mate wander off alone.

- GORGEOUS? Remember that too much drink will do nothing for your looks -- you're drop dead gorgeous until you drop down drunk.

- DRIVERS Never, ever accept a lift from someone you suspect of having even one drink.