Tuesday 12 December 2017

Leaving Cert 2012: Higher level maths paper 1 ‘tricky’ but ordinary level ‘accessible’

Institute fo Education Leaving Cert student Sarah Sullivan. Photo: Collins Agency
Institute fo Education Leaving Cert student Sarah Sullivan. Photo: Collins Agency
Don North, from Portobello, after completing his Geography exam. Photo: Collins Agency
Luke Hennessy, from Portobello. Photo: Collins Agency
Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

QUITE tricky overall was how one commentator described the Leaving Cert Maths Higher Level Paper 1.

Eamonn Toland of onlinegrinds company, themathstutor.ie, said even some of the part (a)s of questions were not as easy as might have been expect.

“For example 4(a) on arithmetic sequences is a bit harder than last year's corresponding question” he said.

He said the First Principles differentiation question, 6b(i) was quite difficult, and Newton-Raphson method on question 7c (ii) might have caught out some students.

Meanwhile, Jean Kelly, of the Institute of Education, said the ordinary level paper was “appropriate and accessible”.

She said every question gave candidates the opportunity to demonstrate the skills that they had acquired.

While the (a) and (b) parts to each question were “very fair, the few challenging (c) parts allowed the well prepared student to showcase their knowledge” she said.

Students who were hoping to see a question on ‘First Principles’, may have been disappointed, however, the differentiation question, which many students would have been anxious about, was very doable, she added.

Ms Kelly noted that the paper gave clues to forthcoming changes to Maths paper I, in how some of the questions were presented.

One example of this, she said, was Question 6, where the examiner gave candidates a graph of a cubic curve, with very specific questions related to the interpretation of the graph.

“This is in keeping with the imminent transition to the Project Maths syllabus,” she said.

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