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Leaving Cert 2012: Drogheda students find higher level home economics ‘very difficult’

HIGHER level students at St Oliver's community college in Drogheda found the home economics paper very difficult.

Jaime Byrne (18) said "It was dreadful, the short questions were very difficult and I think I'll be lucky to pass it."

Her friend Gabrielle McKeown agreed, saying "it was the hardest exam I've ever taken, nothing that was predicted for us came up."

Students of ordinary level also found the paper challenging, but not to the same degree as their higher level counter parts.

Kayleigh Hughes (17) from Drogheda said "it was hard enough and it took me ages, longer than I was expecting."

Her friend Sonia Byrne (17) added "the long questions were particularly difficult, I wasn't prepared enough for it."

Evan Meegan (19) also found the paper challenging, however felt he was well prepared by his teachers.

He said "it was hard but the teachers had us well prepared."

Holly Towers was another who found the higher level paper very challenging, saying "it was one of the hardest papers we've seen. Most of the stuff we hadn't seen, it was one of the worst exams I've ever done."

The home economics exam is the second exam on the leaving cert timetable after English paper two was moved to Thursday to give students a rest from two of the biggest written exams coming back to back.