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Leaving Cert 2012: Art Higher paper throws up great masters like DaVinci

A ROLL call of Great Masters, from Leonardo DaVinci, to Caravaggio to Monet, peopled a very well-received Leaving Certificate Art Higher Level paper today.

It was “very fair”, with a good choice of questions, phrased in clear and unambiguous language” said Angela Griffith, History of Art teacher at the Institute of Education.

“A feature of the entire paper was that the examples presented were very familiar to the students and the most recognisable”, she said.

She said Section 1, on Irish Art & Architecture, appealed to students, Question 7, on "public sculpture", was a surprise, as this topic is usually included in the Section 3 of the paper – Appreciation.

“This change limited the choice of questions in the "Appreciation" section of the exam. This disadvantaged all but the well prepared student”.

Ms Griffith said European section of the paper made 2012 the “Year of the Great Masters. All of the artists referred to would have been immediately recognisable to all History of Art students. Masaccio, Leonardo, Carravaggio, Turner, Monet and Renior….. a roll call of Great Artists”.

This year, candidates had to deal with a different approach to the ever popular “Gallery” question.

According to Ms Griffith the question required students to blend the experience of visiting a gallery with how they experience visual culture, online.

“Although students may not have at first glance liked the question; it gave them the opportunity to assess how they personally experience visual media”.

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