Learn Irish with Liam O Maonlai

Ireland enjoys a unique heritage and proud culture that is respected throughout the world, and speaking our native language is a great way to celebrate and enjoy this culture.

Including some Irish expressions within your everyday conversations is one of the best and most important ways of keeping this culture alive.

So whether it’s for exam success, or simply to impress your friends, make the most of these great courses, with compliments of the Irish Independent. Simply click on the linked text to download the file.

Course 1 – Learn Irish

This course has been created to help you learn, or re-learn, a range of simple words, phrases and expressions on everyday topics that can be easily used within your own daily life. There are no accompanying textbooks, so simply listen, repeat and enjoy an cúpla focail for yourself!

Transcript 1 - PDF

Transcript 2 - PDF

Lesson 1: Introducing yourself - mp3

Lesson 2: Asking for help - mp3

Lesson 3: Weather - mp3

Lesson 4: Holidays - mp3

Lesson 5: Food - mp3

Lesson 6: Drink - mp3

Lesson 7: Accomodation - mp3

Lesson 8: Time and Numbers - mp3

Lesson 9: Travelling - mp3

Lesson 10: Leisure - mp3

Lesson 11: Sports - mp3

Lesson 12: Family - mp3

Course 2 – Everyday Irish

This easy-to-use, ‘listen and learn’ course can help you learn or rediscover how to speak Irish through teaching you lots more simple, everyday phrases and expressions that you can then use in your everyday conversations. This unique course includes worksheets and CDs, which can help you, learn and understand the Irish language in both the written and spoken form.

Worksheet 1 - PDF

Worksheet 2 - PDF

Worksheet 3 - PDF

Worksheet 4 - PDF

Worksheet 5 - PDF

Lesson 1: Emergencies - mp3

Lesson 2: Personal business - mp3

Lesson 3: Hobbies - mp3

Lesson 4: Working life - mp3

Lesson 5: Current affairs - mp3

Lesson 6: The world - mp3

Lesson 7: Occasions - mp3

Lesson 8: Natural world - mp3

Lesson 9: Social life - mp3

Lesson 10: Love and relationships - mp3

Lesson 11: Modern media - mp3

Lesson 12: Style - mp3