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Junior Cert CPSE: Political paper had nothing on our parties

THE Junior Certificate civic, social and political education (CSPE) paper was "more bland and less imaginative" than last year.

Teachers, though, welcomed questions on topical issues, where students were asked to identify prominent public buildings and who runs them.

The Association of CSPE Teachers said the number of politically related questions was low, apart from one on the president.

There were no questions on the political parties, the group said.

Jeanne Barrett, an ASTI representative from Loreto on the Green in Dublin, said some students may have had difficulty in explaining what an ombudsman was.

In the second part of the paper, a question on electric cars was welcomed but other parts were criticised.

"The question was diffused somewhat by bringing in other campaigns like 'Power of One' and 'Earth Hour'," said Brendan O'Regan from the Association of CSPE Teachers said.

"The question on employment rights of young people was relevant, but the stimulus material given was too wordy and dense," he added.

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