Sunday 18 March 2018

I've got to compose myself and face the music before ditching the uniform

Laura Gaynor

Exam diary

Yesterday I had a sleep-in for the first time in two months.

However, I couldn't just hang around the house for the whole day. I had to study for music. Yes, I still have exams left.

However, before I could study, the first order of the day was to download my Spanish exam.

I had to put it through Google Translate to see if I understood the comprehensions. Thankfully, apart from one or two slip-ups, I did a pretty good job.

Despite that morning's procrastination, I tried my best to stay on task and without further ado, unearthed all of my music notes.

Now, I realise that music might fool you with its title.

However, it's certainly not a case of sitting around and just writing about music in general. As well as writing about studied works, we also have essays, listening and composing.

Thankfully, our listening paper lends itself to a certain degree of waffling.

Insider knowledge will tell you that just stating whether a piece is 'loud' or 'soft' can get you marks. This compensates for the composing, where we have to compose on the spot without instruments.

However, in spite of the slight uncertainty that today's paper brings, we have already completed 50pc of the final mark.

Even though the people of Ireland continue to extol final exams, I think that having an assessment like this is great. It's certainly much more settling than giving 100pc on the same day.

Tomorrow will be my last day in uniform. It's weird to think about it, especially since I have worn it about 900 times.

I still haven't made my mind up as to what I'm going to do with it. Will I recycle it? Or should I do something reckless and crazy?

It's certainly past its best days and therefore not suitable to be used second hand. However, there is one thing I know. My black socks are going straight in the bin – no ifs and no buts.

With only one exam left, I can't wait to be finally finished with school.

Even though it's hard to keep this work ethic up, I did have an empty house yesterday and part of today. When you're in a family of six, this is a rare occasion.

From tomorrow onwards, I'll be free to go outside for long enough to get some vitamin D.

Laura Gaynor is a student at Ursuline College, Sligo

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