Friday 6 December 2019

It's more useful for the parents

Carol Dunne from Lucan, Co Dublin believes that homework gives her an opportunity to find out what her children are learning.

Two of her children, Eva (8) and Mia (6), attend Griffeen Valley Educate Together School.

"I wouldn't be an advocate of a lot of homework, because kids spend so much time on schoolwork in the classroom. I think it is sometimes more useful for the parent than for the children, because I can see how they are progressing in school.

"I am fortunate that I am at home in afternoon when the children are doing their homework. So I can help if there is any area where they are having difficulty. A lot of parents would not be able to do that.

"I try to get them to do it as early as possible, because if they leave it until the evening they may be too tired.''

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