Tuesday 24 October 2017

'It's like having a Ferrari with no petrol to drive it'

A DUBLIN principal is furious over the uncertainty surrounding his school's library, which opened only 14 months ago.

"We have a fantastic library which cost up to €90,000 and we have a wonderful librarian, but we don't know if he will be back after the summer holidays," said Michael Stacey, principal of the Patrician College in Finglas.

He said not having a librarian was like "having a Ferrari but not being given the petrol to drive the car".

The library is a focal point for students, who regularly visit it in the morning, during lunchtime and after school. They attend timetabled library classes twice a week.

"The library provides our students with a modern, welcoming, bright and safe environment where they can complete homework, study for exams or relax and socialise with friends. It has comfortable reading areas and study areas along with access to computer facilities."

The library holds an extensive collection of books covering all the subjects included in the school syllabus, as well as a large collection of fiction titles for students of all ages and abilities and a DVD collection which can be borrowed by all students.

"Our librarian runs a reading club, a games club and a homework club for all our students, but we don't know what the future holds," said Mr Stacey, who added that only last week an Oireachtas education committee report had recommended that this type of project be prioritised.

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