Sunday 15 December 2019

Innovation success stories

AS well as making recommendations for the future, the government's innovation report has highlighted a number of projects that are successfully under way. These include:

  • The neo-natal brain research centre in University College Cork. This has developed new computer software to help detect seizures in newborn babies by measuring brain electrical activity. The seizures are often impossible to detect visually but may occur in up to 20pc of premature infants. They require immediate treatment to prevent long-term brain injury.
  • Inishowen Engineering. This Donegal company traditionally manufactured structural steel products but has recently developed an improved lighting system for fish farming.

The "Atlantis Light" requires 90pc less maintenance than existing products and less energy. The company's 56-strong workforce is expected to increase on the back of this.

  • CRANN in Trinity College, Dublin. The Centre for Research in Adaptive Nanostructure and Nanodevices helped IT company Hewlett Packard develop "electronic paper" -- flexible, transparent and slim displays that could deliver "electronic newspapers" in the future.
  • Creganna-Tactx Medical in Galway was set up in 1980 to service the micro-computer industry but switched to medical devices in 1999. It employs 550 people in Galway.

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