Wednesday 20 November 2019

I have 23 pupils, but closing my school would be wasteful . . .

A school like Querrin National School in Co Clare could cease to exist in its present form if Colm McCarthy's An Bord Snip report is implemented.

The two-teacher primary in a remote rural area has just 23 pupils, making it a likely candidate for amalgamation.

Its future may be under a cloud, but Principal Geraldine Keating is determined to convince education authorities that the survival of the school is crucial.

"If schools such as this closed, it would decimate the local community, because there would be nothing in the village," she says.

"There is no post office or shop here any more. If we didn't have a school people wouldn't gravitate towards the village.

"The school is active in all sorts of areas.

"To give an example, we are currently involved in a boat-building project.

"The kids clean the local beach twice a year, and the school has a Green Flag.

"If a school such as this closed, it would be actually quite wasteful -- €150,000 has recently been invested in a new principal's office, a new kitchen and resource room."

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