Thursday 14 November 2019

'I got in trouble at school for rolling my skirt up to my knees'

Sinead Desmond.
Sinead Desmond.

John Costello

While TV3's Ireland AM host Sinead Desmond has very fond memories of her school days, apparently you should thank your lucky stars you were not there to hear her sing.

So, were they the best days of your life?

I wouldn't say they were the best, because I have been lucky enough to have had some amazing days. But I definitely adored my time at school.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Rathmichael primary school in Shankill and for secondary school I went to Holy Child in Killiney.

Very fancy.

My parents worked their asses off to be able to afford to send me there, so I appreciated every day.

Ariddle me this – what is the naughtiest thing you did at school?

It wasn't a school where you were allowed be naughty [laughs].

Just how strict was strict?

I wish I could tell you I was sneaking off and smoking fags behind the bike sheds and snogging boys. But I wasn't. The school was always in total lockdown! We were taught to be respectful and were not allowed to go anywhere near boys until we were 17 [laughs].

But in such a strict school, what were the teachers like?

It was a very small school and there was a real sense of all the teachers being actively involved in your development, and not just in terms of your education.

Did any make a big impact on you?

There were quite a few teachers. Sister Delia was the librarian and she introduced me to the world of books. I had a great English teacher, Sister Elizabeth.

Your most embarrassing school story is?

I was absolutely rubbish at singing but I thought I had the voice of an angel [laughs]. I went with a friend for an audition in school and we were so deluded when we didn't make the final list we thought we were being kept back for the solo pieces.

What was your school uniform like?

We had a green tweed blazer, brown socks, brown shoes and a skirt down to our ankles. And I remember a few of us getting in trouble for sitting out on the grass in the sun with our skirts rolled up to our knees.

And, finally, what was your worst fashion moment?

I do remember getting in trouble for a short haircut. My hair was all short and spiky. It was my weird Pat Shortt moment [laughs]. I blame the '80s for it!

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