Sunday 22 April 2018

'I did my homework - I was a bit of a Goodie Two-Shoes'

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He has battled rip-off Ireland, but Andrew McCann never dreamed of being a consumer champion in his school days. So, in between his appearances on Newstalk and TV3, the author of Know Your Rights revealed how his mammy liked parent-teacher meetings and why his nickname had a bit of a bite to it.

So dude, what exactly was your nickname in school?


Crikey! You must have some set of choppers on you.

I went over the handle bar of my bike and had to have a metal cap put on my tooth.


So that's why my nickname became Jaws. I could only afford to get it replaced when I was 21.

Well, at least up to then the Halloween costume pretty much took care of itself. Only joking! But what type of kid were you in school?

I wasn't a nerd, but neither was I in the cool gang. I was somewhere in the middle I suppose.

A good way to be, I suppose. And did you always aspire to become a consumer champion?

No! I never would have seen myself doing what I am doing. But I was always interested in business and accounting.

You were a bit of a bookworm then?

I was studious. My mother was always delighted going to the parent teacher meetings [laughs].

The school reports must have been fawning.

Some said I was a student beyond my age. I did my homework and I suppose I was a bit of a Goodie Two-Shoes.

Well, if you could speed read your way back to your teenage years what words of encouragement would you take with you?

I suppose I have often looked back and the one thing I would have said is don't take it too seriously.

Well, as the old-school American writer Elbert Hubbard said many moons ago, "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."

Yes, of course it is important to do homework and get involved but it is also important to have a balance in your life. I look back and sometimes think maybe I gave up a lot of things like sport to concentrate on study. So, I might have changed that if I could.

The 'Know Your Rights' series of books is published by Orpen Press. You can follow Andrew McCann on Twitter @YourRights_ie.

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