Saturday 17 March 2018

How to view your scripts

Enjoying the moment Leaving Cert students (left to right), Michelle Smith with Aisling McGinn, Jenny Russell and Sonia O Dolan and Lisa
Enjoying the moment Leaving Cert students (left to right), Michelle Smith with Aisling McGinn, Jenny Russell and Sonia O Dolan and Lisa Robinson

Mary O'Donnell

The State Examination Commission undertakes the huge task of sending all exam scripts back to the schools where candidates sat the exam, to facilitate any candidate who wishes to view a script.

All exam candidates will receive a personalised application form with their exam results today, which they may use to apply for permission to view their scripts.

If they wish to view one or more scripts, they should return these forms by next Tuesday, August 24, to the school where they sat their examination. No fee is charged for the service.

The dates for viewing scripts this year are Friday, September 3 and Saturday 4.

Students are assigned a session during this time, either Friday evening, or Saturday morning or afternoon. The viewing of scripts takes place under very exact conditions

What's the point in viewing scripts?

If, for any reason, a candidate has any niggling anxiety about a paper, or feels that their grade does not reflect what they believe was their performance in the exam, it may set their minds at rest to have a look.

Of course, you are not required to view any exam script. Some candidates are perfectly happy never to look at their exam papers again. If students are considering getting a subject rechecked, however, they should probably view their scripts first.

The usual reason for appealing an exam result, or seeking a recheck, is that students hope to be awarded a better grade, maybe even an essential grade in a subject, or they may hope that a few extra points may bring them up over the cut-off for the course they want.

I will be away that weekend. May I send someone in to look at my exam script instead of me?

No. Although students may be accompanied by one person when they are viewing their scripts, no one may do it on their behalf. It is hard to object to this rule.

After all, most students would probably hate it if they thought that another person could have access to their corrected scripts. It could seem like an unwarranted violation of privacy. But it does mean that if you wish to view your scripts, you must be available that weekend.

Who should I ask to accompany me to view my script?

It is a good idea to ask someone who is a good judge of the necessary standard in the exam, who understands marking schemes and so on. This usually means that subject teachers are in high demand at this time, and they are usually good enough to give of their time to their students in this way. A parent is not generally familiar with the standard required, so may not be much of a judge, although they may be a support.

* It is possible to apply for a recheck without having viewed your exam scripts, and equally it is permitted to view your scripts and not apply for a recheck.

* The State Examination Commission's website,, offers detailed insights into the marking system for each exam.

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