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Higher level Geography fair, but with a few surprises

THE Leaving Cert students, from Dublin’s Institte of Education, on Lesson Street, found the higher level Geography paper to be fair, with only one or two surprises.

Luke Hennessy (19), from Cooperstown said: "It went grand, the short questions were simple enough. There were a lot of questions that focused on India, but that was ok.

‘‘The elective question wasn't great and there were two soil questions which weren't expected, but they were simple enough anyway.’’

Don North (18), from Portobello, agreed: "I found it ok, the short questions were good and quite easy to answer. The long questions were unusual as they were kind of restricted to India and Brazil. The rest of the questions were easy enough to answer and there was nothing too tricky."

Sarah Sullivan (18), from Blanchardstown, said "I've only been taking geography since last October, so I found it quite hard. If I had been taking it longer it would have been better. I found the short questions really hard this year, but the long questions were ok."

Roseanne Brennan (18), from Glasnevin, found the paper particularly challenging.

"It was really bad," she said. "I was shocked at how bad it was, nothing I had prepared came up."

David Grogan was another who found the paper to be fair. "I'm happy enough, I would have liked a few more of my prepared questions to come up but what can you do.

‘‘I was happy enough with nearly everything. One of two of the short questions weren't great but the rest was ok."