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Gardner's garden of educational delights

Principal Paula Carolan installed the Magical Sensory Garden at Thornleigh to give a practical application to the multiple- intelligence philosophy of the influential educator Howard Gardner.

Gardner believes the purpose of education process should be to ensure that every individual emerges with the best possible working model of themselves.

He insists children develop at different rates and that the conventional one-size-fits-all approach can do more harm than good. He's identified seven types of intelligence, all of which evolve at different rates in different individuals.

These are language, mathematical logic, music, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness and a final brace called Bodily-Kinesthetic and Spatial Intelligence.

The last two relate to the ability to understand space and how it relates to bodily movement, and explain how the academically undistinguished Wayne Rooney pockets €200,000 per week.

Irish Independent