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Funniest exam answers become internet sensation



TEACHERS are posting the best real exam answers from the pupils they teach on the website www.funnyexam.com offering a hilarious insight into the silliest answers they have ever seen.

The students may have got an E in their tests but they've been creating chortles on the internet since the site was created.

Many of the answers range from the disturbing to the crude and the naive to the ridiculous. There are hundreds to choose from.

Funny and rude drawings, intentional or not, feature regularly on the site, as do lines directed to teacher, such as "I know I'm going to fail this" or a drawing of a snoring pupil.

Some of the examples are from detention slips or appraisal forms. One boy in particular received a punishment slip for dressing up as Superman.

Another pupil gives the meaning of a hermaphodite as "Lady Gaga".

Often the students will draw animals such as bears or walruses in a bid to distract from being unable to answer the question.

Readers can judge and rate which answer they find funniest. An impressive but slightly disturbing cartoon strip about abstinence is the most popular example at the time of writing.

The teacher marks the piece with the comment "I've arranged a meeting with your guidance counsellor".