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'Friendly' Dublin attracted me

Kate Palmer (21) from Sussex in England has no regrets about enrolling for a degree in history and politics at Trinity College.

"I had already been to Dublin and visited the university. Dublin to me is a bit like a village and has a very friendly atmosphere.

"Where I come from it is quite normal for students to travel away to university. Using Ryanair means that it is quite cheap to travel to and from Dublin.

"It would usually cost me about €30 each way, and I have picked up flights for as little as €5. Sometimes, I have spent less on flights than my roommate spends getting home from Dublin to Clare.''

Ms Palmer, who spent a year as editor of Trinity News, says the financial attractions of coming to Dublin are not as great as they may seem.

"When I first came to Dublin the fees were mega-cheap at €900, but they are going up to €2,250 this year.

"Even though the fees will be much higher in England, at over €10,000 for some universities, you don't have to pay anything up front if you get a student loan.

"You only have to repay the loan when you are earning over £21,000 (€26,000) after leaving college.''

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