Tuesday 24 October 2017

Exam queries: ask the expert

Q I missed out on a course I would like by a very small number of points. What are the chances of me being offered this course in the future?

A This was one of the most common questions to the National Parents Council helpline over the past few days.

It is possible you may receive an offer during the second round. Offers will be made only if they have been turned down by other candidates during the first round. These places are then offered to the next candidates on the list, until all places are filled.

If you are only five points from the cut-off, or have the required number of points but were not randomly selected, it is likely you are near the top of the list.

However, many courses never go to the second round, as most students will accept their offer on the first round.

It is important that decisions are made on any offer you received with the presumption that this is the only offer that will be made.

If places become available on a course you have placed higher on your CAO preference list than the one you have been offered, then you will be made an offer for this course in the second round.

You will not receive an offer for any course that is lower on your CAO preference list than the offer you received.

You may also receive an offer if you receive an upgrade after appealing a subject, but the result of appeals will not be available until mid-October. We will discuss this option in detail tomorrow.

Aoife Walsh is a guidance counsellor

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