Exam Diary: I won't be picking up my results – or getting that app

Laura Gaynor here – back for business following two months in the outside world.

Right now I'm working in a great place called Public Achievement. It's based in Belfast – and so far, no riots.

The outside world still does not believe I'm 18. However, the joke's on them as child bus fares are way cheaper.

To postpone the onset of 'results anxiety', I (pictured right) made a cunning plan. My strategy was distancing myself from anything school-related. To do so, I bought an iPad mini, got sunburned, and went to the Galway Film Fleadh. There have been ample opportunities for distraction this summer. However, I couldn't live this Bohemian lifestyle forever.

Now it's time to play the waiting game. I'm trying to rationalise questions I answered two months ago in the most optimistic way possible. In spite of the blank that was my Leaving Cert year, I still know too many 'Macbeth' quotes – there seems to be no delete button for them.

The results are out today although I won't be collecting them in person. (Sorry school friends).

Call me a coward, but my Dad is picking up my results. I'll be on the other end of a phone, ready to hear what will (hopefully) be a three-digit number. Yes, there will be no time for small talk .

Being in Belfast is fantastic. I'm not subjected to Leaving Cert hype. And I won't have an audience when I get my results. Phew.

These nerves come from fear of the unknown.

However, there is one thing I know for certain – I will not be using THAT app. The trendy 'iPoints' app gives you the option to share your results on Facebook. Essentially, it is a metaphor for everything that is wrong in the western world.

I can keep my nerves in check with the knowledge that I definitely won't have to be part of 'The 500 club'. However, there's only so far that will take you. Because, of course, it's hard not to be scared about your results. There was a certain point yesterday when the suspense started to get out of control. Probably about 8pm.

Hurry up, Dad!

Laura Gaynor was the 'Irish Independent' Leaving Certificate 2013 exam diarist. She is a former pupil of the Ursuline Convent, Sligo.