Friday 24 November 2017

Exam Diary: 'I wish I could push a button to get results now'

Laura Gaynor

THE pile of books beside my desk is starting to get smaller. I am now more than halfway through my exams! While only a week has passed, it seems like I've been doing them for months. I'd love if there was a button I could press to get my results. If that were too hi-tech, I'd have no problem paying a higher fee to the State Examination Commission and get my papers corrected sooner.

Yesterday, more than 25,000 students said au revoir to French. A slightly smaller number gave a conservative farewell to history. I do neither of those subjects.

While I could have sat them for the entertainment of people who read this column, I needed to study business. Besides, I can't speak French all that well. I'd only end up writing the contents of a holiday phrasebook followed by an apology (Je suis desole). For history, I would have just tried to base everything on World War Two documentaries, like I did for my Junior Cert.

Instead, I seized the day as an opportunity for some cramming. A lot of students revel in late-night studying by a worn-out desk light. Me? I prefer to work in the morning. Apart from the benefit of sunlight, it's a lot quieter. I didn't want to risk sleeping in and made sure my phone was set to ring at the highest volume. It was probably louder than our smoke alarm.

I've spent the day becoming acquainted with my business book, a second-hand textbook from 2005. One of its unique selling points is that everything is already highlighted. However, we had to put some of the chapters into the past tense. Namely, the ones about Ireland's economy and credit rating.

Some people will try to tell you how you can't cover the Leaving Cert business course in a day. However, they are probably the same people who said the world would end on December 21. I have one thing to say. Challenge accepted.

Lucky for me, as well as being a top chauffeur, my dad is also a finance lecturer. He's giving free business grinds on demand.

Now that the French exams are over, lots of my friends are finished. I still have a week to go, but from here on I'll have a day between most of my exams. I spent a sizeable amount of time working on my portfolio so I need these extra study days.

Laura Gaynor is a student at Ursuline College, Sligo

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