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Europe's top ten MBA schools favoured by employers


1. INSEAD: France's INSEAD was last year ranked Europe's number one MBA school by international employers. The average INSEAD graduate started the programme with six years of work experience and left commanding a base salary of $107,240. The course duration is ten months, places a strong focus on entrepreneurship and requires students to be tri-lingual.

2. LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL: Despite being a UK-based business school, more than 85 per cent of students are from outside the UK. The average student started the course with five years of work experience behind them and left commanding a base salary of $112,843.

3. OXFORD UNIVERSITY: The Oxford MBA class at Said Business School last year had a 95 per cent international take up, with the average age of each student being 29. A majority 26 per cent of graduates went into the finance sector, while the average base salary for its graduates across all sectors was $100,800.

4. IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL: Spain's IESE Business School ranked fourth among last year's international employers and requires students to commit two years to its programme. Students entered with approximately four years of work experience and left commanding starting salaries of $110,700.

5. SDA BUCCONI: Italy's SDA Bocconi School of Management has relatively small class sizes of approximately 100 students and requires students to have at least two years of work experience behind them.

6. ESADE BUSINESS SCHOOL: ESADE offers MBA and executive education programmes across campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Buenos Aires and allows students to choose either a 12, 15 or 18 month course. Students graduating in 2010 went on to command an average starting salary of $88,578.

7. HEC: HEC Paris was the seventh most respected MBA institution among international employers and tends to attract students with approximately six years of work experience.

8. IMD: Switzerland's IMD was the eighth most coveted MBA school by international employers and attracted students with, on average, seven years of work experience. Graduates took home base salaries averaging $125,000.

9. IE: Spain's IE Business School is an international faculty with a student body made up of more than 80 different nationalities. Students left in 2010 commanding base salaries averaging $81,900.

10. CRANFIELD: The UK's Cranfield School of management concludes the top ten MBA institutions favoured by international employers and last year graduated 680 students who went on to draw an average base salary of $90,976.

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The information provided is from QS, a global provider of specialist higher education and careers information and solutions, for the academic year ending 2010.

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