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'English was okay but Irish is tomorrow which I'm dreading -- better go study'

Hated theme for the paper. Essay title had absolutely nothing to do with mystery. Shaunagh

Junior Cert English was okay, but Irish is tomorrow which I am dreading. Better go study! Emma

English went okay, dreading tomorrow though. Three hours is way too short for the exam. Iona

English and home ec weren't too bad today, but time will tell! Katie

Happy enough with Paper 1 -- bit weird in parts though. Glad to have gotten started though. Ciara

The world is a better place now that home economics is over Michelle

Home Economics was not a nice paper at all, and I'm very annoyed I didn't remember protein properties! Jennifer

It was nice, way easier than I expected. I was delighted that the diary entries were on it. Babynice

I would really hope Dickinson, Frost or Wordsworth come up if Boland doesn't, or there will be major panic. Cydoniac

Don't want to think about home ec anymore, I'm just going to focus on everything else. Aoife

Junior Cert English went much better than expected, I'm pretty happy with it all! Louise

Now what was all the fuss about? Paper 1 was one of the easiest exams I've done! Ben

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