Tuesday 10 December 2019

Do I have to pay for the change of mind facility?

Q Does CAO charge for use of the change of mind facility? Someone told me that it costs €10 each time.

A CAO does not charge for the use of the change of mind facility that operates from early May to July 1. Applicants may change their mind as often as they wish, subject to some course restrictions, without any payment.

However, should applicants wish or need to amend their application after February 1 – for example, if they have omitted a restricted application course – they must do so by March 1 for an additional fee of €10.

Page 15 of the CAO handbook lists the reasons for amending an application.

Q I deferred a place that I was offered through CAO last year and I am not sure if I want it now. What do I do?

A You are not obliged to take the deferred place if you no longer want it.

In order to take up a deferred place, you must re-apply through CAO in the year following deferral – in other words, now – and pay the appropriate application fee, placing the deferred course as your only preference on the application form, ticking the deferred place indicator box on your application.

When re-applying, you must complete the application fully.

In other words, you must include again any documentation (if any was required) that you provided with the original application.

If you enter more than the single deferred course code on your application, you will forfeit your right to it as a deferred place.

If you no longer want the deferred place, you may apply to CAO for any courses you want in order of preference.

You could even include your deferred place amongst your choices, but it will not be held for you at last year's points.

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