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DIT has 40 skills gap courses

One of the proud boasts of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is that its aim is to create pathways and opportunities for students to develop the range of knowledge and the skillsets that will ensure they can reach for the career they really want.

For some people, their undergraduate studies may lead them immediately in the direction they would like to choose. For others, the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate qualification, either in their own field or through the mechanism of a 'conversion' masters programme, may be the key to opening up new career paths for them.

Speaking about the opportunities available in DIT through the Springboard programme, Frank Costello , Head of Admissions in DIT, says that research now shows that every individual can expect to change jobs and even careers many times during their lifetime.

"That means it's important to take every opportunity to enhance your employability and to develop your potential. Higher education gives many advantages, but the most important one is learning how to learn.

Thanks to the Springboard initiative, DIT is able to offer the opportunity to 1,000 people who are currently unemployed to take a chance on themselves and on the next phase of their career. These places include postgraduate , undergraduate and continuing professional development programmes.

"They are targeted at areas of the economy where there are skills gaps and where growth is anticipated.

"My simple message is, take that chance -- we will be there to support you and help you through your studies, but we know from experience in DIT that it will be your commitment and your hunger for new opportunities that will ensure you graduate successfully."

Details of 40 Springboard programmes available in DIT can be found on www.dit.ie or see www.bluebrick.ie