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Curriculum the same for 12 years but new versions keep on coming

THE primary school curriculum hasn't changed since it was introduced in 1999.

But third-class English book 'A Perfect Fit' -- which contains extracts from eight children's novels -- has. Not by much, though.

A revised 2005 edition replaces two of the original eight extracts.

"In line with the New English language curriculum 2000, 'A Perfect Fit' includes extracts from various novels," a spokesperson for publishers Educational Company said yesterday.

"Unfortunately, a number of these went out of print, and we were forced to update this title."

But one teacher asked: "So what if one or two stories linked to a novel are out of print?"

Meanwhile, parents are paying about €26 for a 'New Complete Geography' book for Junior Certificate pupils.


It is the fourth edition of the book, although the syllabus is unchanged since the 1990s.

Page four and five of both the 3rd (2003) and 4th editions (2010) are good examples of how things don't change much in world geography.

A major event between the two publications, the December 2005 tsunami, provides a picture that would have been impossible in the 3rd edition.

Otherwise the pages are almost identical -- unless the different pictures of California's San Andreas Fault and the 1989 San Francisco earthquake used in the two different editions count.

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