Sunday 22 April 2018

Celebrating the right way

Andrew Nolan

The class of 2011 have spent a whole summer trying to forget about the Leaving Cert, but today it’s centre stage again.

There’s delight for some and heartbreak for others, but however it goes the night out is obligatory for many. Anyone who’s been through the exams, the summer of waiting and the nerves of results day deserves to let off some steam, but it‘s worth remembering that it shouldn’t be a night to forget., a drinks industry initiative to promote responsible alcohol consumption is encouraging students to end the summer on a high note and celebrate responsibly.


> Carry an officially recognised form of ID. Preferably a Garda Age Card, though a passport will usually do as well. Since a large number of Leaving Cert students are under 18, bouncers and bar staff will be checking carefully.

> Avoid rounds. They make it too easy to end up drinking at a pace that doesn’t suit you. If you do find yourself in a round where others are drinking faster than you, it’s okay to skip a drink and ask for water or a soft drink instead.

> Watch out for your friends. Especially if they’ve just turned eighteen and aren’t used to drinking alcohol. Keep your mobile on and check it regularly, and don’t let anyone wander off alone.

> Remember that too much drink will do nothing for your looks. You're drop dead gorgeous ‘til you drop down drunk.

> Avoid drunk drivers. Never, ever accept a lift from someone you suspect of having even one drink, and try to talk him or her out of getting behind the wheel at all.

These tips are helpful at home or abroad; Leaving Cert holidays are as popular as ever, although students are being a little more careful with their money. Fiona Foster of Budget Travel said: “There have been less major group bookings and a surge in bookings for four or five people together.

“They’re going where there’s good value; Salou, Majorca and Gran Canaria have become more popular than Greece or Cyprus. More groups have booked for September rather than August or July.”

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