Friday 19 January 2018

CAO applictaion queries

With the Christmas holidays upon us, many school-leaving students and other college applicants will spend time considering their forthcoming CAO application. Some queries have come our way.

Q I want to apply to Arts in UCD but I am not sure what course code I should use. A friend who is a student in First Arts in UCD said it was DN012, but I don't see that anywhere.

A Your friend would have applied to that old familiar code if he is already in UCD, but UCD has changed all its codes for application in 2011. What was DN012 -- Arts has been replaced by the code and title, DN500 -- BA Degree -- joint honours -- full time.

UCD's new codes are actually very streamlined, with courses in a particular school or faculty all grouped together by number. Architectural and engineering courses are DN one hundreds, Science and Agricultural courses in the DN two hundred range, veterinary medicine courses are in the DN three hundreds, and medical and nursing courses are the DN four hundreds. Law and business/commerce courses are all in DN six hundreds.

DN500 is the broadest entry into the UCD Arts programme, and is the path that is followed by most students, with approximately 1,230 places available each year. There are more than 30 subjects available and a great deal of flexibility in how you put these subjects together. Details are given on page 62 of the CAO handbook.

Apart from the omnibus entry DN500, there are 14 other denominated arts choices in the DN five hundreds range, for example DN510, Economics; or DN511: English. If you apply for a single subject degree, you guarantee that you will take that subject (for example, English) for your degree.

However, in your first year (called Stage 1) you take 12 modules over two semesters and you must study core modules in your denominated subject, English and typically two further Arts subjects. In Stage 2 students progress with a major in English, but they also get the chance to take a number of elective modules from any school across the University during their degree programme.

Q I have finished a Level 7 course, and am considering applying to a new degree programme through CAO, not directly linked to the course I have done. I did not have the minimum entry requirements in my Leaving Certificate for a Level 8 honours degree course. May I apply for one now?

A Since you now have achieved a new qualification, Level 7, you are no longer just a standard school leaver, and in theory your Level 7 qualification should supersede your Leaving Certificate results. But since you are thinking of applying to a course not directly linked to your Level 7 qualification, a lot will depend on what actual Level 8 course you are applying for. It will be worth your while contacting the admissions office of the colleges you are applying to, to discuss your application with them. Be prepared to do a bit of research.

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) hosts its annual open day on January 4. Students wishing to attend should register online through the RCSI website,

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