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Applying to CAO

Applicants may apply to CAO in either of two ways, either by using a paper application form, or by using the online application method at www.cao.ie.

Online application is by far the most popular method of application to CAO, withover 94pc of applicants opting for online application last year. It has many advantages. It is simple and almost foolproof. Online applicants may also qualify for an application fee discount.

CAO’s fee for applications received by the normal closing date of February 1 is €40, whether applicants apply online or by paper. However, online applicants are entitled to a €10 discount (or a fee of €30) if they apply before January 20 2011.

After February 1 late applications maybe made with some restrictions to CAO up to May1, for €60 online and €80 on paper.

Q.How do I pay the fee online if I do not have a credit or laser card?

A. If you are applying from within the Republic of Ireland, you can use a fee payment form supplied with your paper application pack, and make the payment through a bank, before you start the online application process. You will be asked to enter details of your payment during the online process.

Online applicants are issued with their CAO application number as soon as they submit their application. Once they receive this number, they may make changes to their details, course choices etc, up to January 31.

Applicants who use the paper application form will fill out the various sections, including the all important course choices sections, and post off the application, remembering to get a certificate of postage as proof that it was sent. Once they post their paper application, their application is completed for the time being.

AfterJanuary31, online applicants and paper applicants will have the same opportunity of using a correction or amendment facility between February 5 and March1 for a fee of €10 if they have forgotten a restricted course, or they may change their mind about any other courses, free of charge, in the normal May/June change of mind period up to July1.

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