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And teachers still have the nerve to complain

We may live in an age of lifelong learning but few of us will live long enough to familiarise ourselves with the full range of perks enjoyed by teachers. Last week, however, we were given a crash course.

First came the OECD report revealing that Irish teachers' salaries are among the highest in the world. The same research showed that the number of hours worked by secondary teachers is significantly lower than the OECD average.

Days later, we discovered yet another fun fact: teachers who get married are entitled to an extra seven days' leave to facilitate the wedding. And the explanation for this sweetheart deal? "While teachers' holidays are relatively good, they lack the flexibility that many other workers enjoy," explained a spokesperson for the Irish National Teachers' Organisation.

Relatively good? An insanely generous state gives them high pay, short working days and more holidays than a maharaja -- but teachers still haven't learned the simple courtesy of saying thank you. The correct term, I believe, is spoilt brats.

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